A Gentle Saltwater Rinse Might Help with Oral First Aid

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Oral trauma can vary in source and severity. This could include trauma to soft tissues in the mouth, as well as chips, and fractures to one or more teeth. If you or someone nearby has just suffered a significant oral trauma, applying some basic first-aid measures can help manage discomfort while also assessing the need for professional treatment.

In many of these cases, blood and unwanted debris in the mouth can obscure the severity of the trauma to teeth and soft tissues. In a situation like this, a gentle saltwater rinse can help clean your mouth without causing undue irritation to any injures soft tissues.

Once you have gained a basic understanding of the severity of the trauma, you should call Dr. Scott Ellard’s clinic to seek further first-aid advice or to seek professional emergency treatment.

You might be able to mitigate some of the pain from the oral trauma by rubbing your gums with a topical oral anesthetic, or by taking a standard dose of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. Just keep in mind that these are only temporary measures and should not be used as a treatment plan.  

If you are in the Portage, Michigan, area and you or someone near you has suffered a significant oral trauma, should call 269-329-1880 to seek emergency treatment at Scott Ellard Dentistry’s clinic.