An Adventure with a New Set of Dentures!

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Dentures are designed to improve your smile. They are tooth replacement treatments that fill out your facial structure in areas where you have missing teeth. It’s always an adventure with a new set of dentures! Consider the possibilities:

– Dentures are the only form of tooth replacement treatment that is easily removable by the patient to clean.
– Dentures can reestablish lost or impaired functions often associated with missing teeth, including speaking, eating, and chewing.
– Dentures are available as partial dentures for a few teeth, or complete dentures, which can be used to replace entire rows of teeth.
– Dentures can make you look much younger and healthier than you would look with missing teeth.
– Voids in your mouth left behind by missing teeth can loosen gums and promote tooth decay and gum disease. Dentures work to successfully fills these voids.
– Dentures can repair the lost facial structure that occurs with missing teeth.

No matter which treatment you need, Dr. Scott Ellard and our team at Scott Ellard Dentistry will make sure that your smile is given the tooth replacements and restorations it requires. To schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning at our office in Portage, Michigan, please contact us at 269-329-1880. A full smile is a happy smile!