Causes of Sleep Apnea Are Varied and Wide-Ranging

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Causes of sleep apnea are varied and wide-ranging. Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder that is caused by obstructions in your airway or irregular and interrupted breathing patterns while you sleep. Over time, this can vastly increase your risk for many health disorders.

Listed below are some likely causes of sleep apnea:

– Sleep apnea is most likely seen in males over the age of 40.
– Regular allergies and sinus problems can also enhance your likelihood of sleep apnea.
– Irregular disorders that can increase your risk for sleep apnea include an enlarged tongue or tonsils, a deviated septum, nasal blockages, a small jaw, and throat obstructions.
– Genetics play an increased role in many syndromes, including sleep apnea.
– If left untreated, sleep apnea can put you in danger of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart attack, stroke, and even death.

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