How are Root Canals Beneficial?

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Have you wondered why root canals are performed? A root canal can help your teeth if they become infected and are causing you discomfort. The procedure can remove the infection so you can feel relief and protect the rest of the tooth.

The main reason for a root canal is to clear out infected nerves and pulp, which reside inside a tooth. The tooth may have been cracked or had a cavity expose its inner layers. Either way allows infection to grip the nerves and pulp, which can lead to discomfort in the tooth. If it is not taken care of, the infection may lead to an abscess, which may in turn cause some bone loss in the jaws.

The infected nerves and pulp cannot be saved at this point, but a root canal can help you in other ways. Our dentist, Dr. Scott Ellard, can clean out the infected tissues, which should relieve discomfort they cause, helping you feel better overall. With the infection gone, you can avoid abscesses as well.

Another option for treating these issues is an extraction, but that means losing the tooth. A root canal preserves the tooth instead, so you do not have to get it replaced.

You need not be worried about discomfort from the procedure. We use a local anesthesia to numb the area, so no discomfort should be felt while the procedure is done.

If you feel some discomfort in your teeth, feel free to visit us at our office in Portage, Michigan. We can examine the tooth to see if a root canal can help you or if another treatment will be more useful. Please call 269-329-1880 to get in touch with us and set things up for your visit.