My Wisdom Teeth Are Causing Swelling. What Do I Do?

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Sometimes wisdom tooth impaction, injury, infection, and gum irritation can make the mouth swell, especially in the area where the wisdom teeth lay. This can cause extreme discomfort and even dental problems. So, as you may already know, it’s best to solve the problem right away. Our dentist, Dr. Scott Ellard, is happy to help you do so by giving you the tips you need.

If the swelling is caused by gum irritation, rinse your mouth with salt water or an oral rinse (preferably one that is recommended by your dentist). Rinsing can help you remove an object that is stuck in the gums as well as reduce infection. It can also clean the area, which can further help lessen swelling and pain.

If the rinsing doesn’t provide comfort and success, you can ice the area with a cold compress or an ice pack. If possible, instead, place an ice cube on the gums that surround the wisdom teeth. The cold temperature can reduce swelling and pain. You can also take anti-inflammatory medicine to do the same.

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