The Situations When Tooth Extraction is Likely Necessary

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Your dentist, Dr. Scott Ellard, wants you to have your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, unfortunately there are times when the teeth need to be extracted. This isn’t the most common treatment option, especially when your dentist always does everything he can to save the tooth, but sometimes it’s necessary. Those times are when:

– You have wisdom teeth (Wisdom teeth typically cause complications when they erupt from the gums, so they generally need to be extracted to keep the oral health in tip-top shape)

– You don’t have enough room in the mouth (When you have a crowded mouth, you usually don’t have room to align your teeth or let additional teeth grow into place)

– Your tooth is severely decayed (This happens when you don’t treat a cavity early on. The cavity can spread and damage the entire tooth, including the dentin, pulp, and nerve)

– Your tooth is extremely damaged (This happens when you chip or break a tooth while you’re active)

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