Scott Ellard Dentistry
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Technology Meets Art. Art Meets Personality.

We can say with some degree of certianty that your first time in our office will be one of confusion. Are you really in a dental office?! Dr. Ellard's love of cozy lodges in the Pacific Northwest inspired our new facility, providing you with comforts not typically found in a medical office. From the fireplace, to the coffee bar, to the blanket and pillow available for you during treatment, our office was designed with your comfort in mind. Dr. Ellard also believes that while his work is highly scientific, it is also artistic, and you will also see this reflected in the design elements of the office. His own photography, as well as art from all over the country, can be found throughout our office. Most impressive is the colorfully lit, etched glass waterfall depicting Mount Ranier located in our reception room.

Our treatment rooms offer comfortable chairs and state-of-the-art equipment. If you wish to watch a DVD during your appointment or listen to certain music, we have flat-screen monitors and independent sound in every treatment room to accomodate your request.

We also have three labs in our office, each with a specific purpose. This allows us to perform many preparatory tasks and model developments that would otherwise have to be sent out. Providing Dr. Ellard and our highly-skilled staff with such cutting-edge facilities translates to desirable benefits for our patients: less waiting time, and the assurance that your treatment materials are exactly how Dr. Ellard wants them.

We know it may be necessary for you to fix your hair or retouch your lipstick after your appointment, and we've designed a specific spot to do just that. Our makeup cove provides combs, q-tips, and other beauty essentials so you can look as fresh as when you arrived.

The best part? We know comfort is not just physical. At Scott Ellard Dentistry, you are not "just another patient".  It's personal.  We'll greet you by name.  We'll offer you a cup of coffee and ask about your day. We truly enjoy getting to know our patients.  We encourage you to read further about our services, staff, and quality of care. Most of all, we understand that many people have reservations about coming to the dentist, so if you would like to simply check out our office and meet our staff live and in-color, feel free to come in for a cup of coffee and a browse around. You will be quite impressed with what you find.


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