When a tooth is too badly damaged, decayed, or infected it may need to be extracted to restore your oral health. However, tooth extraction can cause bone loss and deformed gums, especially if the tooth is not replaced within the proper time frame. This can make it difficult or even prevent you from getting dental implants or dentures at all.

Ridge Augmentation Portage Mi Dentist

What is a Ridge Augmentation?

A ridge augmentation is a restorative procedure that is commonly done after a tooth extraction to restore the bone structure and help recreate the natural shape of the gums. Ridge augmentation improves the appearance of the mouth and the likelihood of success with dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation Process

Ridge augmentation has two main parts: bone graft and gum tissue placement. First, the damaged or deficient bone is restored through a transplant of new healthy bone tissue. Second, gum tissue is placed over the healing bone and stitched in place. Sometimes the dentist may use a special membrane as a barrier to give the bone room to grow and assume its previous height and/or width.

While dental bone grafting is a part of ridge augmentation, it may also be done as its own procedure depending on the kind of care your mouth needs. Depending on the extent of your ridge augmentation, healing can take anywhere from four months to one year.

The whole ridge augmentation procedure takes about one and a half to two hours. You may have the consultation on the same day as the actual procedure, but otherwise they will be two separate appointments.

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