Dr. Ellard and his team take pride in providing a long list of dental services so you do not have to go looking for a specialist, although in some extreme cases a specialist may be the right choice. Whether you need a tooth pulled, your jawbone repaired, or your gum line recontoured, we can help you improve your oral health. Here is a list of oral surgeries we offer:

Oral Surgery Dentist Portage Mi

Tooth Extraction

Dr. Scott Ellard takes every measure possible to prevent tooth loss. However, there are some situations where a tooth may need to be extracted, such as when it has experienced severe decay or periodontal disease, infection, or serious fractures.

One of the most common reasons why someone would need a tooth extracted is needing their wisdom teeth out. Wisdom teeth are your farthest back molars that come in around your late teens to early twenties. Some people don’t need them out, but they are known for causing bite and alignment problems.

Bone Grafting

If your jawbone has deteriorated over the years, you may not qualify for certain procedures like the placement of a dental implant. Maybe you recently experienced some dental trauma and your jawbone was severely damaged. Bone grafting can help restore the jawbone by promoting the growth of new bone.

Ridge Augmentation

This procedure is commonly performed after a tooth extraction to reshape the gums and jaw to a more natural look especially if bone loss during the extraction led to this misshaping. Ridge augmentation may happen following other procedures or circumstances, tooth extraction is simply the most common.

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