About Us

At Scott Ellard Dentistry, our primary focus is the comfort, security, and satisfaction of our patients. The overall tone and culture of our office is immediately felt from the first phone call. We’re proud to have such a wonderful and caring staff. They are thorough and able to convey their compassion and knowledge, instantly putting people at ease.

Our main goal is to communicate that we will meet our patients where they are in their oral health journey. Every new patient fills out a form identifying any dental anxieties they may have, for example: injections, smells, vibrations, etc.

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What Makes Us Unique

One thing that sets us apart from other dentists is that your first oral exam with us includes a head, neck, and airway evaluation as well as a thorough health history review. We take the connection between oral health and overall health very seriously.

If you feel paralyzed by your dental anxiety or if you feel like you’ve waited too long to get treatment, then you are our ideal patient.

We have an incredibly caring and highly educated group of providers that are supported by a skilled administrative team. We focus on comfort and state of the art dental care to provide each of our patients with the highest quality experience every single time they visit us.

All our providers are licensed at the top of their chosen field. We have two registered dental hygienists also licensed to administer local anesthetic. There are two registered dental assistants licensed to deliver far more clinical care than the average certified or self taught dental assistant.

Need an Appointment?

Dr. Scott Ellard, our dentist in Portage, MI, and his team offer a wide variety of dental services. If you need to schedule an appointment, call us at (269) 329-1880. We’re more than happy to meet your needs and help you maintain or improve your oral health.

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