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Vertical correction may be caused by one or more factors such as excessive tooth wear, missing permanent teeth, worn-down dentures or partials.

Vertical Correction Dentist Portage Mi

Excessive Tooth Wear

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is the leading cause of excessive tooth wear, although the condition may also be caused by abrasive food or tobacco products. When the teeth are worn down, the jaw needs to close down further in order for the teeth to come together.

Missing Permanent Teeth

When teeth are missing, whether by extraction or as a congenital defect, the adjacent teeth shift out of position and “lean” into the space left by the missing tooth. As the teeth are not completely upright, they are shorter than they should be, and the lower jaw has to close down further before the teeth can come together. They are also more vulnerable to decay.

Worn-down Dentures or Partials

Dental prosthetics can also become worn down. Often, simply replacing the teeth can greatly improve your ability to chew, digest food, and speak properly. This has the added benefit of improving your physical appearance. Also, the advantage of improving all of these is more self-confidence and peace of mind in your everyday life.

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