Women at Risk

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Portage, MI, Dentists, Community

Every year Scott Ellard Dentistry partners with an organization to give back to our community during the holidays. This year we have chosen Women at Risk International (WAR). Their mission is huge and we wanted to bring awareness to their organization. While Women at Risk International addresses a variety of risks, they are most known for their persistent fight against human trafficking. The statistics are overwhelming. 

Through their mission, WAR has created a pathway for all of us to contribute. Women At Risk, International (WAR Int’l) is a Michigan based, nonprofit organization, established to create circles of protection around at-risk women and children. They provide safe places to heal from abuse, trafficking, exploitation, and more. They empower survivors to live and work with dignity and hope. Read More

How can you help? By purchasing one of the beautiful Egyptian hand-blown Christmas ornaments from the tree in our reception room. Women at Risk International will use your gift to rescue at-risk women and children and lift them to lives of dignity and worth.